Hiking Boot Waterproofing Sprays

Here at Globetrekker we have a great range of leather, fabric and suede waterproofing sprays for hiking boots, trail running shoes, walking shoes and even plain old normal shoes and school shoes! We stock both silicone based waterproofing sprays and waxes and gels. Our products will assist in waterproofing your shoes and boots as well as the seams. So if you’re looking for the best boot waterproofing products look no further than Globetrekker!

Hiking Boot Gaiters

There’s many uses for boot gaiters. Some people use them in the snow or for skiing, others use their boot gaiters for hunting and trekking. Whatever the reason for needing them you can be assured that our range of hiking boot gaiters will protect your legs and allow you to walk in comfort.

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