Boot Bananas Eco Shoe Deodoriser

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Activated charcoal deodorising inserts have been used for literally centuries, they’re a tried and tested method for removing odours in enclosed spaces. We’ve been inspired by traditional construction methods to create our Boot Bananas Eco Travel Deodorisers made with natural fibre fabrics (genuinely home compostable materials) and activated carbon. Easy to use, simply pop into shoes, boots, gloves or hang in car or cupboard overnight or for approx 8 hrs to help reduce and remove odour. Reaches full effect after more than 1 week of consistent use. Recharge every couple of months by hanging to dry in the sun or near a radiator. Fragrance free, light weight and super sustainable. Made with a single ingredient, activated coconut charcoal. Sourced locally to the factory in Sri Lanka from coconut husks a repurposed by-product of the coconut harvest that would otherwise go to waste. The outer housing is made from home compostable cotton fabric and the product lifespan is up to 12 months. This innovative product is perfect for both day to day odours and taking away on travel for expeditions, camping, work or family holidays. Some discolouration may occur with use. To extend the life of your Boot Bananas Eco Travel Deodorisers, limit exposure to excess moisture and recharge regularly. For ingrained or extreme odour this product will not be totally effective, for help in these cases see the listing for our bestselling Boot Bananas Original Shoe Deodorisers. For drying wet footwear and equipment see the listing for Boot Bananas Winter Sports Moisture Absorbers.


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