Hyperlite Camera Pod Carrying Case


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The world’s lightest and most durable camera case. One could argue that a camera isn’t a necessary item among the list of equipment that constitutes the backcountry essentials. But we’re not the argumentative types, and we understand that for many of you, documenting the transformative places you visit isn’t only highly desirable; it may also be your meal ticket. With the same level of design intention, construction quality, and mayhem readiness as our packs, shelters, and accessories, the Camera Pod is our answer to your quest for an ultralight, durable, and weatherproof camera-carrying solution. Built with a selection of Dyneema Composite Fabrics we know will offer the best performance and protection for the incredibly low overall weight, you can keep the focus on the shot you’re after and know your photography equipment is just as secure as all your other gear. Fits most smaller mirrorless and point and shoot cameras. Sony 6000 Series Canon EOS M6 Sony RX100


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