Pongoose Climber 700+ 3in1 Clipstick/Stick Clip


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The Pongoose Climber 700+ is the one item that’s been missing from your sport climbing and bouldering gear. You can now say goodbye to fearful lead climbing and struggling to brush high up holds, and become the confident climber you always aspired to be. Whether you call it a clip stick, a stick clip or even a cheat stick, you’ll be glad to have it by your side on the crag. Widely regarded as the worlds leading remote clipping device for sport climbing. The Pongoose Climber 700+ is the first multi-directional clipstick/stick clip and brushing stick that also transforms into an action camera boom and monopod, with the ability to rodeo-clip and easily retrieve quickdraws. Essentially a multi-tool with interchangeable, removable heads, you can rely on the Pongoose Climber 700+ to be a go-to part of your climbing adventures. Ideal size for travelling.


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