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THE MOST SCIENTIFICALLY SUPERIOR ENERGY DRINK ON THE MARKET Long been favoured by elite athletes, our famous Science in Sport Beta Fuel Energy Drink has now been optimised, making it a scientifically superior fuel. A brand new 1:0.8 ratio of 80g carbohydrate enhances your power output, increases your body’s carbohydrate usage efficiency, and limits gastrointestinal discomfort. WHY YOU SHOULD USE BETA FUEL DUAL SOURCE ENERGY DRINK As an endurance athlete, meaning your events typically last more than two hours, you need to take in between 80-120g of carbohydrate per hour. The Science in Sport Beta Fuel Dual Source Energy Drink delivers an optimised 80g of carbohydrate in a single, convenient isotonic fuelling solution with minimal risk of GI discomfort that enables you to maintain optimal performance. NEW 1:0.8 RATIO REPLACES 2:1 RATIO A 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose increases the percentage of ingested carbohydrate that is oxidized (known as efficiency) from 62% to 74% when compared with a ratio of 2:1 A 1:0.8 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose reduces self-reported symptoms of stomach fullness when compared with a ratio of 2:1 THE SCIENCE BEHIND BETA FUEL HAS EVOLVED Through our Performance Solutions team, we have worked closely with elite athletes in the research and development of the new Beta Fuel range to bring you a scientifically superior fuel in a range of formats that allow you to use +17% more carbohydrate (O?Brien et al, 2013). A ratio of 1:0.8 enhances exogenous CHO oxidation compared with 2:1 ratio by 17% (O’Brien et al) and 10% (O’Brien et al) A ratio of 1:0.8 enhances mean power output during 10 maximal sprint efforts by 3% compared with 2:1 ratio (O’Brien et al) A ratio of 1:0.8 increases % of ingested CHO that was oxidised (efficiency) from 62% (2:1) to 74% (1:0.8) (O’Brien et al) A ratio of 1:0.8 reduces symptoms of stomach fullness and nausea when compared with a ratio of 2:1 (O’Brien et al) SUGGESTED USE One sachet of Beta Fuel Energy Drink contains one serving (82g) of powder. Tip the mix-and-go formula into 600ml of water and shake to dissolve. It’s that simple. Sip little and often during prolonged endurance exercise. Use one powder sachet per hour or combine with Beta Fuel Gels or Chew Bar to hit hourly 80-120g carbohydrate intake. Ingredients: Maltodextrin (from Maize) (57%), Fructose (42%), Flavourings. No allergens


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